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Three Things Women Really Want for Christmas December 17, 2010

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Guys, listen up.  Here’s what women really want for Christmas.  Christmas seems to be the season of threes, so let’s stick with that theme and point out the three essential M’s:

Maid.  Whether you hire a pro, hire your kid, or whip up a little lover’s coupon on the computer, nothing says, “I love ya, baby” like taking over her “other” job for a while.  There’s a reason Brawny paper towels have a sexy lumberjack as their icon; it’s every woman’s fantasy.  Note to the clueless:  Do not cheap out and assume that a shiny new vaccuum cleaner has the same emotional value.  It’s the fact that someone else doing the work that has real appeal. 

Massage.  I have yet to make a galpal who doesn’t enjoy a massage.  The best massage is away from home in a classy spa with dim lights and soft music.  But even the frugal can recreate the experience at home.  Packaging the DIY version is easy.  Purchase a book on couples massage from Amazon, add a yummy candle and massage oil,  and include a love note offering your services. 

Merlot.  If you prefer white wines, then a moscato works just as well.  Packaging this one is even easier, by pairing the best bottle with your favorite BYOB and a meal she does not have to cook.   

But the best gift would be a three pack.  Consider the appeal of a freshly cleaned house, a massage at her favorite spa, and a bottle of her favorite wine accompanied by a romantic dinner from your special resaurant.  I would be just as happy to receive the DIY version of this gift, too. 

Notice that this gift suggestion is brought to you entirely clutter-free.  Ladies, who wants to shout out about this as the perfect gift trifecta?


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