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Garage: Welcome to the Clubhouse January 7, 2011

Filed under: Garage Construction/Renovation — HeartWork Organizing @ 10:31 pm

Clubhouse, doghouse, or whatever he’s calling it, J has a sweet little space set aside as his office.  Up on the second floor of the garage, there is an office that will eventually be J’s home office and man cave.  (Can it still be a man “cave” if it is on the top floor???)  He enters through the side door of the garage:

…past the storage space and up the steps

…up to the landing and storage closet

…finally entering his space with three dormers.

While the footprint is pretty large, the awkward ceiling slopes are going to make furniture placement a bit of a challenge.  But by opening the space on to the stairwell with half walls, and with a window in each dormer, the space seems like the perfect treetop hideout that we all would have wanted as kids. 

I love to see projects like this.  With just a little bit of extra planning and a few extra details, an ordinary garage now becomes a really special place.


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