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Enough With the Snow Days- Color Vs Clutter rescheduled January 26, 2011

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I’m losing track.  This is the fourth or fifth or maybe more snow/delayed day this winter.  As a result, the very popular and fun presentation – Color Versus Clutter – at the Exton Public library has been rescheduled from tonight to Sunday, February 6 at 2 PM.  If you registered, you’ll be getting an email from the library.  If you didn’t register, then you still have time to register at Chester County Library adjacent to Exton Mall.

Instead of learning about what clutter and color have to do with each other, here’s seven things to do instead:

1. Reserve a spot at the library on February 6 at 2 PM for the rescheduled presentation.  Chester County Library adjacent to Exton Mall.

2.  Take advantage of the snow day and get some sledding in with the kids while the snow is still white and slick. 

3.  Get inspired with color ideas from the February color issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  Or visit www.BHG.com.

4.  Tackle your linen closet to eliminate clutter in a small, but manageable space.  Since blankets are on your bed, there might be less for you to organize. 

4.  Locate your slow cooker and wash the crock tonight.  Cold days like this are perfect for comfort food.  Tomorrow morning, pop in a beef or turkey roast, potatoes and baby carrots for a can’t miss, melt-in-your-mouth meal for tomorrow.

5.  Create paper snowflakes.   I love that whether you tear or cut, go symmetrical or random, paper snowflakes always seem like a work of art when you unfold them.  Tape them to windows or deliver to neighbors as early Valentines.

6.  Check out a new app.  Sherwin Williams Color Snap is a free app that lets you chose colors from your photo and suggests pairings.  Use a saved photo or snap one from your phone.  Shake and see what it comes up with.  Looking for runway-style home inspiration?  Check out the Remodelista app.

7.  Bake some cookies, take a nap, skip your workout.  You’ll work it all off with sledding and shoveling.  Be kind to yourself.


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