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Valentine’s Day Organizing February 14, 2011

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Is being organized an attractive trait?  What does being organized say about you?

I spoke to a group recently, and a widower in his 70’s asked me which gender was the more organized sort?  Well, I have seen enough of both types, and I was smart enough not to take that bait, but I wonder what you think? 

One thing I do know, and my husband agrees, is that women in our culture tend to have more complex lives.  Women sometimes have to make more decisions before breakfast than men have to make all day.  Do I wear mascara today?  Skirt or pants?  Change purses or not?  (My husband has a simple wardrobe and a 5 miute bathroom routine.) Do whatever I committed to myself on any one of a dozen self-improvement promises to myself…or skip it? Feed the kids or let them fend for themselves?  These are perhaps not critical decisions, but they add up.  There are women who methodically click through them, and there are women who seem to get overwhelmed by the trival and become perplexed by the vital decisions when they arise.  It’s a simple case of overload.  Men tend to compartmentalize and stay on a single track during their days, allowing their days to seem more streamlined and simple.

I do think, however, that being scattered is not seen as an endearing or attractive trait for either sex.  We all want partners who can take care of themselves, their stuff and homes, and their partners (us).   Although we may be fond of an absent-minded professor, cleaning up, covering for missed appointments and forgetting about forgotten birthdays wears thin over the years.

It’s always dangerous to generalize, but there, I’ve gone ahead and done it.  What do you think?  Post your comments here.


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