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Winners of HeartWork Organizing’s First Contest Announced March 14, 2011

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Thanks to all who participated in the our first ever social media contest.  I have to admit that it is exciting to be connected to so many wonderful people in so many ways.  We have so many great ideas and friends to get acquainted with through blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and whatever the next great thing will be.  Please connect with us however it’s best for you, and always remember that our absolute favorite way of staying in touch with you is by phone and in person.

Now, for the winners.  Liz Gallagher of Wayne won the grand prize, which included a massive set of wonderful products of Sun and Earth, along with three beautiful linen organizers from www.ShopGetOrganized.com.

Grand Prize Winner


Liz’s package contained about $100 of goodies.  Julia Sanders of Pottstown also won a Sun & Earth Prize pack.  Thanks to both of you for being connected on Facebook to HeartWork Organizing. 

Cara Solomon of Philly won a Peter Walsh In Place organizing system for being connected via LinkedIn.  Bernice Wood (Womanonjourney) of Oxford, GA won an iOrganize Binder system for following us on Twitter. 

Please go ahead and like us, follow us, and link with us.  There’s more fun stuff planned for the future.


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