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How to Get the WOW Factor in Just One Day July 30, 2011

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Color.  Need I say more?  Just a little.  Just the right values.  Just the ones that will highlight the stuff you already own.  Improve the lighting.  And a little shimmer never hurts.  See for yourself.




Same furniture.  Same rug.  A whole new attitude.  If the entry into your home isn’t saying wow, please call me. We can help.


5 Responses to “How to Get the WOW Factor in Just One Day”

  1. While there is clearly a great improvement here, from drab and barren, to warm with a comfortable home feeling, I think it is somewhat deceiving to show “before and after” photos at different angles. The staging did NOT ADD a window or square footage! Right off the bat, without any changes, the angle of the room showing both windows is going to look better than the first shot. It’s like comparing “apples to apples” (IMO) therefore, the “before” photo should be at the same angle as the “after” photo, then it more truthfully shows the transformation and is not capitalizing on a better angle of view, showing an additional window, larger room or whatever, that existed from the get-go, having nothing to do with the Stager’s skills. I see this all the time by “Stagers,” apparently it is considered a good way to showcase their work, when too often much of the transformation is a matter of trying to trick the viewer’s eye through the angle of photography. However, your work speaks for itself and your transformations would best demonstrate the “WOW” factor by showing both photos at the same angles, thus giving a more accurate representation of the positive changes you’ve made – view for view.

    • HeartWork Organizing Says:

      Jackie, you are a hoot. You are right to notice that I was standing about a foot away when I took the second picture, but that was just to show the impact of the color treatment. The before photo from the same angle still would have been a bit on the ordinary side. There was no deception, I’m just a better designer than I am a photographer! Since transformations like this one take just one afternoon, I’m usually pretty beat at the end of the redesign, and the photos aren’t always magazine quality, but the client and I were happy to show this one off, just the same. Glad you enjoy the inspiration!

  2. Hi Darla

    Well all I can say is ‘Wow’. For the last 3 years we have been living in a (very nice) rental and are considering another year’s lease. I am tired of the plain walls and that look has given me more thought about changing things, perhaps even without repainting, should we stay put. Wonderful work, changes the vibe of the whole room.

    Cheers, Sarah
    (PS Still working through your book!)

    • HeartWork Organizing Says:

      Sarah, living in someone else’s space can be a challenge to your creative side, but this example shows exactly how important color and lighting (which is a very close cousin of color) can be. But perhaps even more important is having a plan. With a budget, a color scheme and a designated use for the space, we came in slightly under-budget with just the look that the clients loved. If you need help, I’m happy to travel and make this happen for you, but you can also call an IRIS interior redesigner in your part of the country.

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