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Organized Garage, Happy Cars October 29, 2011

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It’s a few days before Halloween, and the forecast is calling for a snowy, wintry mix here in Philly today.  I’m not ready for that kind of weather, but thanks to a just-in-time organizing project yesterday, my client and her new husband are, indeed, ready to have happy cars this winter because we organized her garage yesterday.  Take a look.

I’m compelled to tell you that this is real organizing done in a day, so the pile that you see in the back of the garage is a follow-up project that we’ll be tackling next time, as it requires detailed sorting of work samples.  I look forward to dispatching that next time.


before, organizing garage


garage organizing, tools

It’s a crime to not use shelves to their best advantage.  Here is to spending more time with pots and plants!


shelving in an disorganized garage


organizing garage

And sometimes you need something new to make the best use of garage space:


shelves in this garage will make all the difference



Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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