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Dishwasher as Filing Cabinet November 1, 2011

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I see a lot of things in my work.  Many of them make me smile, which is another reason I love my work.

Here’s something I hadn’t seen until recently: a dishwasher used as a file cabinet.

I wouldn’t recommend this for most people, but looking at her dishwasher in a new way is how the inventor of the Butler Bag got started.

Do you have any other creative uses for an under-utilized dishwasher?  I’d love to know.

filing space in an unused dishwasher


2 Responses to “Dishwasher as Filing Cabinet”

  1. Diane Hernandez Says:

    I have seen this used to store all plastic containers! Someone I knew thought washing dishes by hand got dishes cleaner than dishwasher (they were serious)

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