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7 Organizing Tips for Medical Records at Year End December 20, 2011

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Organizing Medical Records

Near the end of the year, you may be thinking about clearing out your medical savings account, organizing medical paperwork for tax time, and scheduling year-end medical appointments.  Do you know the rules?

Read the full article on how to use these seven tips to organize medical records and expenses.

1.  Will your medical expenses be tax deductible?

2.  Do you have a medical savings account or flex-spending account (FSA)?

3.  Have you used up your medical savings account or FSA?

4.  Are you saving Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)?

5.  Have you stashed away medical articles?

6.  Still looking for receipts that might be tax-deductible?

7.  Did you develop a chronic condition this year?

Not sure of the answers?  Read the full article on organizing medical records, originally published in About One.

Have you started getting organized for tax season?

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