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Wreaths Go ‘Round February 28, 2012

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The months between Christmas and spring are a tough time to decorate. Repurposing something on hand, like an old wreath, can be just the right creative outlet for this time of year, adding a splash of color to your home. Let’s start at the front door.

Faded and worn wreaths seem to hang around, in bags and basement store rooms, way longer than they should.  Florals take a beating from the sun, elements, and time, but the ring that the original wreath is built on might still have another life, like this project shown here.

In about an hour, go from this:

how to make wreaths- before
Before (Hint: those pointy things used to be green)

to this:

how to make wreaths after

Make A Wreath – Demolition

First, strip the old wreath down to its bones. I love demo way too much. I really love demo, even on this small scale. I can see the better option even before the old version is out of the way. Just pull off the old florals, making a righteous mess as you go.

how to make wreaths -demolition

Next, take some time to meticulously select and trim exotic materials that you grew in your shiny glass backyard greenhouse.  Or, do what I did, and pick up a bundle of scented florals at your local home decorating store, like HomeGoods. Most people would buy this bundle and stick it in a vase, but we can do better.

how to make wreaths - materials

Separate the floral bundle into its elements, because we are going to work in layers.

how to make wreaths - materials

Make A Wreath – Tools

Go get your glue gun. Getting excited? For some people, it’s the most important appliance in their house. Mine only comes out for projects like this, after the kids go to bed. Go warm that baby up.

Starting with a background layer, glue several strands of grass or other filler to the wreath. Work the material into the vines to create stability for the next layers. Use the most basic and plentiful materials first, then the more colorful materials. Keep moving the wreath in a circular patterns so you see it from all angles and fill in evenly.

how to make wreaths - base layer
Base layer

Finally, use all the embellishments in the bunch. Even simple elements like the chunky ends of bamboo make a statement.  There is very little to no waste in good floral arranging.

You probably won’t even have to make a hook for the back, since you are using a recycled wreath.

Make a Wreath – Inspiration

The first take of this wreath was declared “a little wild” by my honey.

how to make wreaths - wild

On the wild side

Imitating a completely wild wreath that I saw in a client’s home wasn’t working for me, mostly because their home is about twice the size of mine.

how to make wreaths - inspiration
My inspiration

I removed the bottom layer of grass, trimmed them to a shorter length, and re-glued them. Now it actually fits on the front door.

The bundle of grass cost less than $10. The wreath form was free/repurposed. The whole project took about an hour. Comparable wreaths sell for between $25 and $50. This little baby will jazz up the front door very nicely until we’re ready to welcome spring decor.

how to make wreaths - finished

Finished wreath


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  1. Hi Darla,

    You sure do have fun with these blogs. I especially enjoy the pictures that express reality and I am not left to my imagination,


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